The Independence of Japan

Today, some states around the world try to be independent from their countries because they have doubts. However, most countries around the world had become sovereign nations. Therefore it is not easy to be independent from the countries. Japan is one of the sovereign countries around the world. Japan has a long history and many beautiful cultures but the exact date when Japan became independent is unknown.

I believe that Japan became a sovereign country in the beginning of the eighth century because this is documented in Chinese history books. At that time, Japan was integrating a lot of knowledge and mannerisms from China. However, I think that the Japan of today was founded in the middle of the 19th century. Since Matthew Calbraith Perry came to open Japan up to the world, the general system broke down and a new government was created. With these events, Japan underwent modernization. The Constitution of Japan was composed, a military was introduced, and the economy improved. But Japan would undergo one of the biggest changes in its history.

In 1941, the Pacific War began. At the beginning of the war, Japan seemed to be winning; however, Japan was eventually defeated in 1945. Losing the war was the last time Japan underwent a major change. This included the U.S. forcing Japan to declare the new Constitution of Japan, and eliminate the system of the Emperor. As a result came the period of high economic growth.

Today, Japan has become one of the important countries in Asia to work for peace of the world. Japan plays other important roles in Asia, such as providing technology to developing countries. However, there is a long history of experiences for Japan that have lead up to this point.

by Yuma O.