The impact of Tunisian Youth

Youth organizations shape our world today, and especially in Tunisia, where many of them try to spread this culture among our potential young leaders. In Tunisia, many youth clubs have emerged and are urging many more to do so. Whether it’s the Interact Clubs, the Youth Clubs, Leo Clubs, or anything of the sort, these clubs are shaping our young population and forging leadership talents.

Interacts are one of the most known clubs in Tunisia. Interacts gather funds by taking actions or organizing events such as parties or seminars, in order to collect funds for charity. These kind of clubs not only spread the associative mindset in the youngsters’ community, but also endorse leadership qualities by organizing several events of various themes.

In Tunisia, we have Key Clubs. Key Clubs are very recent in Tunisia, and are slowly emerging. Key Clubs are very different from the very well-known Interact Clubs, which are mainly volunteering clubs. Key Clubs give service to event-organizing clubs such as the Interact Clubs by sending their members to help with the organization of the said event. The needed amount of members is sent to help and the hours they spend are recognized as volunteering hours, which allows members of the club to create new acquaintances while doing some physical work.

Lastly, I would like to talk about Press Clubs, which are constantly spreading all over the country, not even solely in high schools, but also in universities. Press Clubs are versatile clubs: they are for the introverted writers who would like to share their poetry, slams, writings, etc… They are also for the extroverted journalists who like to go to events, interview people, make new acquaintances. They gather the bloggers who would like to state their thoughts, the photographers who wish to acquire more skills, the designers who are willing to help and share their knowledge, etc… I would personally say that Press Clubs are a way for people to experience change in themselves and learn of new stuff. They are probably one of the vessels that push people to get out of their comfort zones and enjoy new experiences. Press Clubs make media coverages for other event-organizing clubs, share ideas, or expose talents. They incite their members to be a part of the community that is willing to enrich their knowledge and get out of their usual routine, not only to become journalists, but also leaders not afraid to share and state their opinions, and more importantly not afraid to listen to others. It is something that I’m proud to personally state, as that was my experience in the LPBT Press Club.

Last but not least, we know that the list never ends: Radio Clubs, Speech Clubs, Computing clubs. These are all a very good sign that the youth is emerging from its slumber, and a vow that the future that this country holds, can be crystal clear if we continue on this ever-evolving path: Glory.

by Ali C.