The attack of Charlie Hedbo: Hungarian reactions

drapeau hongrieWe have heard from the press that immediately after the terrorist attack many people had demonstrated in the streets in Hungary as well, to condemn terrorism and to stand for freedom of speech unanimously. Meanwhile many hungarian politicians took part in the demonstration in Paris, including, Orbán Viktor, Minister. The French embassy in Budapest  has expressed their thankfullness towards Hungarians for their solidarity in a separate notice.

Unfortunately we couldn’t go to any of the protests, so we would like to present the reaction of the Hungarian society to the terrorists attacks in Paris through a smaller survey in the internet that we conducted.

      Our first question was related to whether publishing the caricatures was an allowable and considered step from the Charlie Hebdo editorial staff. According to the majority, publishing the caricatures was not a considered step at all, that previously the editorial staff had been attacked because of similar problems. However, one of the respondents remembered us that the editors were aware of the consequences of their act, as earlier one of them had made a statement : „I know I am going to die” (Another question was if it was worth it to give their lives for a caricature….)

       The answer to the question: the reaction of the terrorists was legitimate and propotional was uniformly? Oviously no. More said that the problem could have been solved in a peaceful way as well, as violence is definitely not a solution, especially in the name of Allah/God. Most people think that French Government could avert similar atrocities in the future by helping the integration of the immigrants and working out a stricter immigration strategy. Although a number of people also mentionedn that magazines such as Charlie Hebdo should be controled, people believe that talks should be engaged with muslim communities.

        Most of the informants think that the European Union should step in by reviewing its integration and immigration policies, to keep the peace and create the prosperity in the Middle East. The international muslim community should openly take action against terrorism and religious extremity, making it obvious that these acts are not part of the taught of Mohamed.

Respondents reacted differently it the arrest of the 16-year-old humorist who was sarcastic regarding Charlie Hebdo. Many think that the step taken by the police was fair. Although, according to others it was just a pathetic manifestation of the political „double standard”. For the rest of the questions the informants have given similar answers, for example the great mass can’t see a connection between the terror attacks in Paris and the activity of the Islamic State.

     According to most of the respondents Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures were almost raising the limit of the freedom of speech, because in essence they have offended the pride of religious people ( The Déclaration des droits de l'Homme et du Citoyen, the French bills of Rights, sets limits to practicing the freedom of speech if someone offends against human rights- in this case the religious freedom and freedom of conscience.) The majority thinks that the irony coming from outside doesn’t help us to purify from the religious extremity, many of them expressly considered that the cartoons of the magazine are disgusting, not humorous or constructively critical. In most people’s opinion, it is true that you have to protect your religions from the sacrilegios attacks effected on them, but exclusively in a peaceful way. At the same time, one of the informants has written that believers should prove with their lives, with their acts that the virtues that they represent are right.

– by Lorinc F. and Bernadett V.