Terrorism Around the Globe

The fight against terrorism in France since the Paris attacks

The November 13th terror attacks claimed nearly 130 lives in the French capital of Paris. Following this tragedy, and faced with the imminent threat of further terror, the government has implemented a series of measures to ensure national security.

First of all, to respond to the...Read More »

Terrorism: Quick Facts from the UK

“The threat to the UK from international terrorism is severe”
1834 people were arrested in the United Kingdom from September 2001 to December 2009 in connection with “terrorism”, of which 422 were charged with terrorism-related offences and 237 were convicted.

proposed by William H.

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Terrorism in the US

The only way for a country to protect itself against terrorism is to fight it. The US is implicated in a violent, disobliging war against terrorists in Africa. Though the US is fighting Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq, its attacking strategies have to be changed for...Read More »

Terrorism: What about Germany?

“The highest trump for the freedom of the world remains the mutual the respect, the trust, and the friendship between the French and the German people” said Charles de Gaulle on September 9, 1962, before signing the Élysée Treaty. Fifty-three years later, Germany continues to abide by...Read More »

Terrorism: A Mexican Perspective

Excelsior says: Mexican chancellor Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas says that Mexico will support the accions that the UN will take against terrorism, after the recent attacks in Paris. She said that “The solition to the terrorism problem, of extreme violence must be a collective solution, because it...Read More »

Brazil's position on terrorism

President Dilma Rousseff made a statement saying that security would be enhanced for the 2016 Olympics. According to the statement, the police who will work at the event are properly trained and equipped against possible terrorist attacks. The group has snipers, bombs and a group of thousands...Read More »