What we like from Switzerland

  •  The Swiss film industry is not as prominent as Hollywood, but it still has outstanding film material. One recent example is the movie “Dawn”(2014), directed by Romed Wyder. For more infos, check: http://www.dawn-film.eu/en/synopsis-2/




  • With the long title “Und was hat das mit mir zu tun?”( “And what does this have to do with me?“, Sascha Batthyani writes a book about the Massacre of Reichnitz –  a terrible warcrime which took place during the last days of World War II.
    What makes it so interesting? His own great aunt was involved in the event.


  • Stefanie Heinzmann  won the Swiss Music Award 2016 for best female solo act. If you’re a fan of soul or pop music, check out her newest album called Chance of Rain – http://www.stefanieheinzmann.de/