Summer feature: a vacation guide!

Here is a list of the most beautiful places to visit around the world, from Mexico to Nepal.

A Vacation Guide to Canada

If you are looking to spend your summer in an exciting new place that hasn’t yet been exploited by waves of tourists,...Read More »

Visit Germany

1. Berlin

If you go to Germany, you have to visit Berlin. There is no way around it. Although the city has only been the nation’s capitol for about 25 years, it...Read More »

Visit the UK

The National gallery: In the heart of the West End, on Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery boasts internationally renowned masterpieces , with a particularly astonishing Renaissance collection including works by Da Vinci. You can make the most of the surroundings Read More »

Discover Portugal

In this article, I will describe the five places in Portugal by which you must absolutely stop if you are in the neighborhood. These aren’t ranked from one to five, so it’s up to you to decide on your favorite!

  • Zambujeira do Mar :

Nepal is a small mountain landlocked kingdom in the world. Even with its small area of 147,181 sq. km., Nepal holds 10 places as UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization) ‘World Heritage Sites’.
There are 830 properties in the World Heritage...Read More »

Top 5 places to see in India

1.The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a beautiful white marble mausoleum built in 1632 for the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan (reigned 1628- 1658). It was intended to house the...Read More »

Where you MUST go in Brazil

  1. São Paulo

The city of São Paulo, located in the South-eastern portion of Brazil, is the biggest city in all of South America, with 11 million inhabitants. It is a destination that overflows with culture and remarkable things to see. When in...Read More »

A slice of Hungary

  1. Buda Castle: When you first set eyes on spectacular Buda Castle in Budapest, you’ll understand why so many people consider the city the “Paris of the East”. This spectacular historic landmark – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site –...Read More »

Where to go in Mexico?

  1. Taxco de Alarcón

This is a little town located in the state of Guerrero, to the south of the country, state known because of Acapulco city. Although Taxco is still far from the sea, it has a lot to offer. The...Read More »