Students get involved – inspiration from Germany

What can students do in school?

In this article, I want to write about our “Schülervertretung“ (short form: SV). The SV represents all the students at our school. That means we fight for their rights and interests. Everybody can help us with our work. But what exactly do we do?                   

The following are some ideas, projects, and campaigns we realized:

  1. Anti-Discrimination Project:

Last year, we decided to plan a project against racism because we think many students do not know what it means or how often they casually use racial slurs in everyday life. Therefore, we created a presentation with a discussion at the end. In addition, the students developed their own photo campaign.

  1. Photo Campaign:

Another thing we started is our anti-cliche photo campaign. We took photos of people holding a sheet of paper in their hands. On the papers, different anti-stereotype sentences were written. Examples are: “I am a Pole but do not steal!”, “I am German but not a Nazi!”, “ I am a man but I like baking!”, “ I am a woman but I love mathematics!” and “ I wear a headscarf but I have my own opinion!”

  1. „School Products“:

We designed T-Shirts, Pullovers and bags with our school logo on them. Now we sell them at school. It is cool because now there is a social cohesion between students. Moreover, it helps the SV because we can earn money for our work, too.

  1. Festival of cultures:

At the end of this school year, we plan to have a festival of cultures. We invited some bands and are looking for sponsors to hold a charity concert. Furthermore,the parents can cook food from their cultures. It should be a multicultural festival and experience.

  1. Halloween Party:

Last Friday there was a Halloween party in the 5th and 6th grade. Everybody was dressed up, for example as a ghostbuster, witch or a zombie. We organized a costume contest where the kids could win some prizes.

  1. Ban of Mobile Phones:

At our school, we had a complete ban on mobile phones. We wanted to change this. Our school conference exists of 6 teachers, 6 parents, and 6 students. So we have one-third of the votes. We convinced some others and achieved a limited ban. This shows that students can change things, too.

There are quite a few  more things we do, but I hope that some of the ideas have inspired you to do something at your school, too.

by Marie L.