Student Protests

Student Protests in Afghanistan

On May 2013 we witnessed history when hundreds of students from Kabul University marched for their very basic right of being a student and the standardization of educational system in the university.  All the students’ demands and problems were reckoned to be quite similar, but the 80 students...Read More »

Student protests in France

France has seen many students protests, the biggest one occurring in May 1968 and lasted two months. Parisian students began protesting in their universities against the authority of the government, its moral austerity and capitalism. They demanded more freedom and more rights for women. Those protests were influenced by...Read More »

Education concerns in Germany

If you search “student movement Germany,“ you won’t find any coloured pictures of students protesting for more money, a more developed educational sector or cheaper tuition rates. What you will find are black-and-white pictures from the sixties, when thousands of German students formed the so-called “extra-parliamentary opposition”....Read More »

American students protesting

Although many people ignore students’ opinion and involvement in politics, most of US students clearly reacted and publicly expressed themselves after Trump’s election. On Tuesday, November 9th, 2000 high school and middle school students poured out of class and crowded DC’s streets to...Read More »

Students get involved - inspiration from Germany

What can students do in school?

In this article, I want to write about our “Schülervertretung“ (short form: SV). The SV represents all the students at our school. That means we fight for their rights and interests. Everybody can help us with our work. But what exactly do we...Read More »