Student Protests in Afghanistan

On May 2013 we witnessed history when hundreds of students from Kabul University marched for their very basic right of being a student and the standardization of educational system in the university.  All the students’ demands and problems were reckoned to be quite similar, but the 80 students of the Social Sciences Faculty had a special concern. The reason behind their protest, which  by the way  also included an 8-day hunger strike, was ethnic -based discrimination from the head of Social Sciences Department of Kabul University.

Ethnic Discrimination, which has been a problem in  Afghanistan’s academic field for quite a while , has become the source of tremendous tensions. The 2013 student protest, was considered one of the most unprecedented demonstrations in the h
istory of Afghanistan and could open a new chapter into the struggle for freedom of speech.

After the fall of Taliban, freedom of speech has expanded exponentially in Afghanistan. While the country is suffering from economic and security challenges, it has outpaced many of its neighboring countries in terms of free expression. The proliferation of media and press and the vast amount of demonstration and protest, are all evidence for the tremendous change in the last decade.

by Ali D.