Striving for Independence

Catalonia has recently voted for independence which raised many questions about independence and its meaning. When did you country become a sovereign nation? Give some historical context in the lead up to independence and the aftermath. Are there international groups (e.g. NATO, the UN, or EU) that your country is a part of? What role do you play in that organization? Are there parts within your nation that are reluctant to be a part of your country? If so, why?

What about Tunisia?

After the death of many of the correspondents such as Farhat Hached and the poet...Read More »

The Independence of Japan

Today, some states around the world try to be independent from their countries because they have doubts. However, most countries around the world had become sovereign nations. Therefore it is not easy to be independent from the countries. Japan is one of the sovereign countries around the world. Japan has...Read More »

The Struggle To Unify States in Germany

While many nations of today were formed in the course of independence movements German history is characterised by the struggle...Read More »