Sports season in Brazil

Flag_of_BrazilIn addition to next year’s Olympics, the America’s Cup also has a great impact (because they are already happening and Brazil is considered the country of football, the population holds your attention). In 2016, being the host of the Olympics, Brazil has been striving intensively to better serve the athletes and tourists. Missing year for the Olympic Games in Rio. From now until August 5, 2016 there is still much to be done. Test events, works that still need attention, a political crisis to be resolved and questions about the country’s economic situation. Additionally, regrettably little attention is being paid to the environment.

Sewage polluting the ocean causes the proliferation of harmful bacteria and viruses, and harm the health of competitors at sea. The Brazilian government together with the World Health Organization (WHO) try to solve the problem.

Water Pollution in Rio – a reason for many protests

Terrorism also worries the Brazilian governors. The security operation of the Olympic Games is considered the largest in Brazil’s history. There will be 85,000 professionals, 47,500 of them from the National Security Force and the rest of the Ministry of Defense. Concerns about terrorism seems to be greater than concerns about urban violence, so much so that the fight against terrorism will have a unique center as well as the World Cup, which is the responsibility of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN).

In order to prevent future problems for the event, the Brazilian government will try to circumvent the nation’s economic crisis. In the application process of Rio de Janeiro, the three levels of government have committed to cover a possible deficit of the Rio 2016 at R $ 1.8 billion, if necessary. The entity that organizes the Olympics began to work with a donation of US $ 1.5 billion from the International Olympic Committee and needs to reach $ 7 billion by selling tickets, products and sponsorship , among others, to cover the same amount costs .

However, even with all the issues to be resolved, the Brazilian population expects a major event both qualitatively and quantitatively.

by Djamilly R.