Sports news in the US: between Basketball and Hockey

Drapeau USThe two main sports that people are currently following in the US are basketballl (NBA) and hockey (NHL). In NBA, the season is almost over and the finals oppose the Golden States Warriors, almost undefeated this season (73 wins to 9 losses) to their ultimate rivals the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team who wins the NBA must win at least four games out of seven against their opponents, and right now, the Warriors are leading two games to one. Since the Warriors have been in the lead in terms of victories for the whole season, 77% of the people think that they are going to win, but the the Cavaliers have not had their last words.

In hockey, the finals oppose the Pittsburg Penguins to the San Jose Sharks. The rules are the same as basketball; the first team who wins four games wins the Stanley Cup. Right now, the Penguis are leading the serie 3-2 and are only one game away from the win, brings a lot on pressure for game 6,  held on Sunday, June 12.

– by Hugo B.