Sports in Germany – It's all about soccer!

SportsGer3You see it on elementary school playgrounds, in local parks, in stadiums and on TV. Soccer is everywhere. Almost every boy starts playing soccer at a very early age, and many of them continue to play as they grow older. Local soccer clubs are booming. Even in the smallest towns equipped with nothing but a small bakery, you can be sure there is a soccer club. Early training and support results in very strong professional soccer teams. In 2014 the German male national team won the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, achieving Germany’s fourth championship in history. The country went crazy! Even those who never watch soccer followed the German team on their journey during the World Cup.

German Soccer Fans: Big soccer events really unite the country and bring peace and happiness

But it’s not only during the World Cup that Germany shows its love for soccer. Scores from the Bundesliga – the primary German soccer league – regularly appear in the news, and stadiums are filled for almost every game. Germans are indeed crazy about soccer. In terms of youth soccer, a variety of clubs and teams gives young athletes the opportunity to engage in whatever sport they like. Unfortunately, however, very few continue their athletic career after high school, since most universities do not offer sports programs, let alone actual leagues.

Soccer remains almost the only popular spring and summer sport. During fall and winter, the public enjoys following our winter sport athletes down in Bavaria and areas close to the Alps, where there are highly professional winter sport facilities.SportsGer2

Winter sports are very big especially in the southern regions and of course on TV….

Of course, big events such as the Olympic games and the Euro and World cups have been popular ever since FIFA was created. As a prosperous Western country, Germany was never affected by the corrupt system that FIFA president Blatter and his “crew” created, but after the US finally looked behind the curtain and brought the affair to the media, German soccer fans have agreed that this is not the type of spirit we expect from a international sports organization. Would these fans really boycott FIFA? 88,3 % said yes in a survey done by the “Spiegel.” Maybe for a while just to follow the trend? To be honest, most fans have been too ignorant to do anything until now. Some are probably thinking, as long as it doesn’t affect us, let the corruption continue. Still, we are thankful that the US opened our eyes. Maybe it is time for a new, fairer World Cup era.

SportsGer4Young soccer players in Germany: Parents passionately (and not always quietly)  follow the games from the sidelines

– by Pauline F.