National sports around the world

A Hungarian insight

Since we can’t call any sports the absolute Hungarian national sport, here is a peak on the ones that are currently popular and successful.

Regarding popularity and successes, kayak and canoe events are highly important in Hungary. The national kayak-canoe...Read More »

Sport in France: Roland Garros!

In France, the most important international sports event occurs at the same time as the revision period for the baccalaureat exams, making the misfortune (or delight!) of students; it’s a question of the Roland Garros tennis tournament. It takes place in Paris over...Read More »

In the US...

 Although soccer is a popular sport in the United States, it is far from being the most prominent. Baseball, basketball, lacrosse and football are four sports widely played in the US, that are nearly unique to the country. While the lacrosse championships do not get...Read More »

Another American perspective


Among the myriad of important events in America, there is the Super Bowl, the championship game of the NFL (National Football League).  As a reminder, the word football in the US does not...Read More »

Sports in the UK

The English are the inventors of a massive scope of internationally renowned sports which have delighted people around the world for decades, whether  it be playing them, refereeing them or watching them on a couch.

Therefore, it is impossible to answer this grammatically singular...Read More »

Sports in Germany - It's all about soccer!


You see it on elementary school playgrounds, in local parks, in stadiums and on TV. Soccer is everywhere. Almost every boy starts playing soccer at a very early age, and many of them...Read More »

Mexican national sports

In Mexico, it would seem that soccer is the national sport, for it is the most popular contemporary sport. It is practiced everywhere, even where there are no soccer fields, and Mexican people watch every...Read More »