Social Media

What role does social media play in countries? Which social networks are most influential (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…)? Are people using them for political organisation or merely in private? Does the government attempt (or even succeed) to control this? Have there been recent events which would have not been possible without social media?

Social media and Hungarian politics

As the number of Hungarian Facebook users is increasing at an astonishing pace, political parties and politicians are discovering the possibilities of social media sites. Compared to Western countries, they realized the importance of an online presence later but now, they use this kind of political propaganda...Read More »

Why are social media so important in Japan?

Today, information processing devices such as phones and computers are widely used in daily life. In Japan, most people, including children, bring these devices wherever they go, and probably wouldn’t be able to spend a day without them.

But why are such devices so important...Read More »

How social media can oppose the government in Poland

When asked what role social media plays in my country, I immediately think of all the protests, strikes, and discussions made possible thanks to these networks. They provide an open platform for exchanging views, which is not always a productive experience, but which certainly can be eye-opening...Read More »

Social Media in Germany

Germany needs to catch up with digitalisation! – This was one of the slogans used by various political parties to win the parliamentary elections last year. And it is indeed a major concern in economy and society that progress in digitalisation is too slow. Around 85 %...Read More »