Social media and Hungarian politics

As the number of Hungarian Facebook users is increasing at an astonishing pace, political parties and politicians are discovering the possibilities of social media sites. Compared to Western countries, they realized the importance of an online presence later but now, they use this kind of political propaganda surface more efficiently than before.

There are less than two weeks left until the Hungarian elections, so we have to take a look what Hungarian politicians do on Facebook. Orbán Viktor, Prime Minister of Hungary, has the most followers with 568K. Vona Gábor, the leader of strongest opposition party ‘Jobbik’, is placed second with 500K followers. Leftist politician Mesterházy Attila has 223K followers, thus achieving the 3rd place.

When we consider which politician gained the most followers in the last month, Karácsony Gergely, leader of the leftist political coalition, got 38K new followers, former PM Gyurcsány Ferenc increased his following by 26K, and rightist Vona Gábor gained 12K new followers.

The most active politician on Facebook is Németh Szilárd, a politician of governing party ‘Fidesz’, shared his thoughts 126 times this year. Karácsony Gergely, leftist party leader posted 111 times. Szél Bernadett, PM candidate of green party LMP has 100 posts last year.

As we can see, Hungarian politicians are becoming more and more active on Facebook as social media sites are reaching new heights of popularity. I think the online presence of political parties and the paid political advertisements will have a great influence on the future politics of Hungary.

written by Lorinc F. – edited by Alex J.