Singing in Tunisia

In many countries and cities artists are trying to rise the ladder of success and follow the footsteps of their predecessors, those who mastered and created in the field of singing was their goal noble and For example, the city of the arts, the arts of the Arabs and the West have multiplied and merged with each other until we have many artists, painters and dancers. Is this enough to spread the culture of recognition? And discover the cultures of other countries !!!? In my city we find the youngest singer singer in the Arab world Noor Amar, who dazzled the world with the beauty of her voice and the paper of her heart, most people kill her own dreams simply by not doing it! But this girl challenged and competed and then succeeded and rose to the ladder of success if you are an artist or a rapper such as the famous artist Balti or Clay BPG one of the greatest artists who try to deliver messages through their songs to the people and the state indirectly, In my city, which gave birth to Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi, who encouraged the Tunisian people through his poetry to challenge colonialism !! The history that bears the sacrifices made for the country is not the same as the sacrifices in the old age of Egypt’s Pharaonic civilization. Nevertheless, art itself is a beautiful thing that expresses the artist and painter who revolves in his mind and his life !!!

by Kamroucha K.