Security in the US

Drapeau USSecurity has always been a really big concern in the U.S. The possibility of  North Korea having a nuclear bomb and  security issues of the Brazil Olympics have made it even more important today.

image1To face to nuclear threats, Obama tried to reset relations with his adversaries, such as North Korea, but this plan failed. The possibility that North Korea will test a missile in February leaves enormous tensions, and China blames the U.S. for not doing anything. Security is becoming a big issue and creates tensions between the countries.

image2In general, security can still improve a lot, but reforms such as allowing women to perform any job in the U.S. army (not official yet) make it better. Nevertheless, in this period of time, the security of the individual country is not the main preoccupation; international security is. With Iran and North Korea owning nuclear bombs, and hackers in new places such as Buenos Aires and Argentina, security remains unstable for now.

by Hugo B.