Security in Brazil


BresilTo talk about  the relationship between Brazil and security, this one essert  from an article that we can see on summarizes really good the whole public security  situation in Brazil.


Brazilian Public Security is unproductive , violent and reproduces inequalities

According to the 2014 Data Folha survey, security is already the second biggest concern of Brazilians. And no wonder. Today, Brazil is responsible for one in ten murders committed in the world. Every day, 154 people are killed in the country. On the other hand, unofficial sources estimate that the number of people arrested in Brazil have edge 600 000 people, which makes the country the third largest in the prison population in the world, just behind the United States and China. In twelve years, the Brazilian prison grew by over 620%, while the population was around 30%.

One cause of this chaos scenario lies, according to the report, on the military police inability to adapt to democratic rule. “The Military Police has been and remains a state of war machine, used by successive governments in control of your enemy, that is, their own people, sometimes leading him to medieval prisons, sometimes producing a tragic slaughter among residents in the suburbs the cities or in the slums, “says the text. According to the document, the military conception of the police is facing political control and not to the prevention of violence and crime. The report’s assessment is reinforced by surveys of the Brazilian Forum on Public Security and Amnesty International. According to these organizations, the Brazilian police killed an average of six people per day in 2013. In the previous year, 30,000 young Brazilians were killed, and 77% of them were black.

by Gabriela N.