Same-Sex Marriage


It's not always what it seems - Homosexuality in Germany

About one year ago, one of the most famous and most respected Players of Germany’s National Soccer Team announced that he was gay. It came as a surprise to soccer fans, but generally met respect and recognition. Most people reacted by applauding him for his bravery, which suggests...Read More »

Gay Marriage in the US

Drapeau US

Since Obama has taken office in 2008, he has made significant ideological shifts. Although his point of view has changed during his career, his policy now increasingly endorses gay marriage, as Valerie Jarrett, a White House adviser, said: “We are delighted with the fact that...Read More »

A Mexican Perspective

 In article 253 from the Mexican Civil Code is defined marriage as the free union and with full contentment between two people, which pretends to create a community in which there is respect between them, equality and mutual help, and take decisions which adjust themselves to their life...Read More »