Religion in France

Like in every other country, religion has always been a sensitive issue over the years. However, unlike every other country, France is a secular state. This means that religion is never involved in government issues, and that it has to stay in the private life of the people. Such a vision of religion emerged during the French Revolution of 1789, with the abolition of the King’s image of God and privileges, and the declaration of Human Rights stipulating religious freedom. Secularism was fully confirmed in 1905, with the official separation of the Church and the State. This measure is also enforced in other countries (for example the USA), but the particularity of France is that religion is never involved in public matters.

  With the actual problems the world encounters, such as ISIS and the migrants crisis in Europe, the place of religion in the French society is being questioned a lot. Indeed, since the French immigration politic is all about assimilation, all the problems hidden behind this politic are getting out ten times stronger since the attacks. Polemics about the hijab, ostensive religious signs, discriminations, etc. are now the daily routine, and these debates take a more important measure since November 13th… There is no going back, and the French government needs to take care of this religious issue that is tearing the population apart instead of hiding behind the assimilation politic.

by Emma P.