Religion: an American insight

Drapeau USIn the United States religion is usually a testy situation because there exists so many different institutions and varieties that they may disagree on issues, face discrimination, or are ignored entirely as the amount of atheists has risen greatly among millennials. In terms of its significance in pop culture religion has taken a back seat to the rising stars of today in music and sports as young people find enjoyment in these superstars while religion lacks in keeping the new generations excited. Having said this religion still holds a strong place in many people’s lives and in the political spectrum. The government has been shut down due to religious beliefs of certain politicians that may refuse to discuss certain issues because of those beliefs. In schooling, there is a major divide between public and private education and religion. In public schools there are laws that account for a separation of church and state which prevents prayers from being administered by a school to its students. In contrast, many private schools are centered on a strong religious core. Therefore in these institutions frequent prayer is common and is an expectation of the educators. As I said before, religion used to be a core value for the vast majority of citizens in the United States and while it still holds a strong place in many families lives, it’s power and influence on culture has fallen out of the picture in the last two decades.

by Sam P.

Although the sentence “ In God we trust “ is written on American quarter dollar coins, the United States of America has no official religion. The first sentence of the first amendement of the Constitution states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Everyone in the United Sates is free to exercise the religion of his choice.

Nevertheless, major conflicts about religion have recently developed. Since September 11th 2001, many people are speaking of a “religious war” against Islam, which, according to scholars who wrote a letter to the Pope, disturbs the whole world peace: “If Muslims and Christians are not at peace, the world cannot be at peace.” On Moday, March 14th, the US House of Representatives voted 393 to 0 that the Islamic State’s assaults in Iraq and Syria is a genocide. The war between the US and the Islamic State is far from being over.

by Hugo B.