Reactions from the US Population

bitcoin us1As everyone knows, Donald Trump was elected the next president of the United States. Although many Americans are pleased by the results, a lot of protests are occurring in the US following the elections. On November 12th, thousands of people gathered in the streets of New York City to protest against Trump’s election and denied his new status as the president-elect. Lots of other protests have also occurred in cities such as Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

The economic impacts Trump’s election has on the Wall Street Market aren’t that great either. Indeed, Trump created a lot of uncertainty during his campaign, and the markets hate uncertainty, which caused a real panic when investors realized that he got elected, making the stock market go down. Nevertheless, as time went on, people began to realize that Trump was still a Republican and that he could establish more reforms on the economy which could help them.

But, as president Obama pointed out during his speech after the elections : “We’re not Democrats first, we’re not Republicans first. We’re Americans.” The most important thing for Americans to do is to stay u[nited, whether they were supporting Trump or not, because everyone should want the best and do everything they can for their country

by HUGO B.