Primaries in the US

Donald Trump, unlike others, has very untraditional ideas that can sometimes be offensive. One of his famous quotes is: “It’s freezing and snowing in New York – we need global warming.” He also claimed that Obama’s birth certificate was fake. Although these extravagant ideas may seem to put him in a bad place, Donald Trump is very popular because he brings something new to the U.S. Of course, many Americans hate him and mock him because of the racist and unfair things that he says, but since he is very different from the other candidates and uses this publicity to his advantage, he brings all the attention onto himself, bettering his political campaign.

Thus, the 2016 presidential primaries are going to be some of the most unique elections in the history of the United States.

by Hugo B.

Drapeau USSeeing as my home country is the United States, the American elections this year evidently have huge ramifications for our nation. One thing that has become very clear is that these election proceedings have been more heavily covered by the media than any political occurrence ever, each movement that a candidate makes and each syllable that they utter is under intense scrutiny. As a population because of the stark divide between Democrats and Republicans a favorite candidate must be presented as two favorites, one from each major party. For the Democrats, despite a very strong grassroots support system and youth movement by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton has thus far pulled out in front as a front runner for the Democratic nomination. Her established authority and connections in the American political system along with her very reasonable plan for the future of the nation has made her a favorable candidate for most voters. For the Republicans, the outspoken Donald Trump has been the front runner for the entire race so far. Despite the massive amounts of negative attention he receives, there are still huge amounts of supporters that have hit the poles to keep him comfortably in front of Ted Cruz, the current runner up in the race. In terms of the ramifications that these candidates have for the country, there has been much speculation and it depends on who you ask and what their political ideology is, along with how much of the media they pay attention to for those candidates that receive more exposure have an advantage right off the bat.

by Sam P.