Politics fills the headlines while poverty stays unspoken of

Surviving a cold winter in Canada - without proper shelter

As winter burns on (although, mildly in Toronto), the homeless and impoverished struggle to keep warm and find food. Wintertime in Canada is hard on all Canadians, but it is worse for people living without proper shelter and clothing.

Canada’s minimum wage ranges from around $10 to...Read More »

Poverty? No! Social inequality? Yes!

Many of my classmates spend their holidays in Dubai or the United States, drive the BMW or Mercedes of their parents to school and in their jean pockets they probably carry the latest smartphone. I do not go to an expensive private school in Berlin or live in an...Read More »

Number one killer in Afghanistan - Poverty!

Afghanistan’s people are generally divided into three groups. The top group, which contains businessmen and high-ranking government officials, most enjoy life. The middle group, which consists of shop-owners or other certain jobs, are struggling through life. The bottom group constantly works and is full of multitaskers. There is...Read More »

Can Donald Trump fight Poverty?

The war against poverty has always been a major issue in the United States. However, after Donald Trump’s election as the president of the United States, ending poverty may seem even more impossible. Indeed, Donald Trump has pledged not to trim social security benefits but also plans...Read More »

Fighting Poverty in Brasil

Brazil, because of its history of colonization, late development and economic dependence, besides old and recent internal problems, has a large number of people living below the poverty line. Thus, Brazil, representing an emerging underdeveloped country, has a high poverty rate.

According to official data...Read More »