Political situation in Germany

AllemagneEveryone knows Angela Merkel. “Mutti” (Mommy) as she is called in Germany, has made quite an impression, especially on the women in the world, when respectfully and confidently representing Germany in Conferences with the strong male eaders of the world. Putin, Obama, Netanjahu just to name a few. Not surprising then that Merkel enjoys widespread support across the country, since her first election in 2005. During the last one, she once again received a clear majority of votes and saved her party, the CDU, giving the best results since the 1990’s. The CDU (Christian Democratic Party), the moderate Conservative Party now rules in a coalition with the Social Democrats. 2013 election results mimic a general satisfaction of the population, but also show a rise in more extreme left and right wing parties such as the AFD, which pleads for Germany’s exit of the EU. Especially in the last few years Germany has been a crucial member of the EU. It was involved in solving the Ukraine Crisis, Greece’s debt struggle and is currently involved with the refugee crisis. In foreign policy, ministers and coalition party members seem to follow Merkel and foreign minister Steinmeier blindly. Conflicts arise in question of domestic policy, as the two ruling parties seem to have lost their direction and everyone is going in their own direction. A huge debate broke out recently over the question of whether families of refugees who have made it to Germany should automatically be able to follow and be legally be granted asylum. The refugee crisis along with national security following the Paris Attacks, are without question, the most pressing and controversial topics Germany is dealing with. And as usual, everyone is looking to “Mutti”, who happens to be celebrating her 10th year in office this Sunday.



Scandal: CDU employs their Mommy as head of the Party!


– by Pauline F.