Political Cartoons worldwide

Caricature Culture in Afghanistan

Caricatures are a way many artists express the impact political, cultural, and other events have made on their minds. In Afghanistan, Caricatures are intensely censored, and in 2014, there were 500 daily newspapers, weeklies and other newspapers in which caricatures were barely printed. Most Caricaturists prefer to post Caricatures...Read More »

US - Art vs. Caricature

Art and cartoons in the United States have always been very important. In fact, the US has a reputation for having the best art museums in the world, including the national Gallery of Art in Washington DC, the San Francisco Museum of Modern art and the Seattle...Read More »

The Executioner of Liberty

A white man with blond hair, an orange face and a suit and tie, in his one hand the head of the Statue of Liberty, in the other hand a butcher’s knife with blood on it. Next to him run the words “America First”.

This is what...Read More »

ART and Cartoons in Canadian Politics

The Canadian art scene may be one of the lesser known ones on a grand scale. However, we have a long history of visual art, which is important to discuss. An integral part of Canadian identity is the Aboriginal culture. This is no less true in Canadian...Read More »

Satire as Therapy

Humor in politics, like cartoons or sketches, plays an important role in French media, especially around election time, such as now. Sketches are performed by several humorists (such as Nicolas Canteloup or Laurent Gerra, famous imitators) on different radio stations and television shows. Satirical cartoons are published...Read More »