Poland: Europe’s shield

Because of Poland’s location in the center of Europe, it has always been threatened by its powerful neighbors. Many times throughout the course of history did it have to defend itself from the Germans on the West, Russians on the East, and Austrians on the South of its borders. Additionally, the country took part in many smaller conflicts with other nations, more often then not weakening its position and becoming more vulnerable to subsequent attacks.

Thus, weakened and deprived of the loyalty of its allies, Poland became an easy first target for the Nazi German invasion in 1939 which started the Second World War. The invasion was soon followed by Soviets attack. Not even a month later, Poland was forced to capitulate. Had it been stronger and better supported by its allies, it would have perhaps been able to fight off the first attack, preventing the following events from happening.

It clearly follows that the greatest threat to Poland’s national security is being left on its own, without support from stronger allies. This is being dealt with by joining intergovernmental military alliances and reinforcing the national army. The latter being vital to make the country less dependent on the help of others in the event of an armed conflict outbreak.

The most important, not only to Poland’s security but also to the maintenance of the international one, is the NATO alliance. It ensures mutual defense between the member states in response to an attack conducted by an external party. With Russia being Poland’s potentially most dangerous neighbor, it is not only beneficial but crucial for the Central European country to be a part of a strong front united against the Russian leader’s unpredictable military actions.

Losing Poland, the country separating Russia from Western Europe, would weaken the mentioned front and make its members much more susceptible to any attacks from the military empire. So even if it seems unworthy of the numerous resources, it is strategic for other countries to support Poland’s defense, especially on its eastern border. It might just be the key to preventing a Russian military show off.

by Maria S.