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Everyday's killing thoughts

I can’t anymore
Gonna walk out the door
And I’m so tired
Being everyday fired

Maybe I’m just making a scene
Because of my years of teen
Maybe it is all in my head
But maybe I’ll never look ahead

I’m complaining while everything seems fine
But because of overthinking I’ve just...Read More »

A four letter word

a four word letter
few letters, wide meaning
everyone of us choose to define it as he like
some consider it as a magical reaction from first sight, an intense electricity and a deep connection
some define it as an equation of trust and respect
some consider it their...Read More »

A sneak peek into a typical teenager’s day in Tunisia

My daily routine is not very special. Being a student in a high school not-so-far from home, I wake up at 6.30 AM and have my breakfast. It is usually some basisa and milk (basisa is a Tunisian traditional food) or, if I am in a hurry, I would stick...Read More »

Government and Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran

“The ultimate authority written into the constitution is not the will of the people, but god, who is
represented by the supreme religious leader.“ (Crash Course World History 226 – Iran’s Revolutions)
The Islamic Republic of Iran is a political heavyweight in the Middle East. It reaches from the CaspianRead More »

Judging people and racism

Imagine living every day in paranoia knowing that everywhere you go, everything you do is being observed and judged. Imagine walking into a clothing store and having someone watch your every movement, thinking that you’re going to steal an item, or reveal a bomb from under your clothes....Read More »

World Children

We are young. We must help those in need without discrimination based on their social, cultural or religious environment.

I remember one day while reading my usual magazine, I noticed a group of pictures of Palestinian children whose faces showed  mixed emotions between steadfastness and sadness. I...Read More »

Violence in the UK

Violence in the UK has sadly been a big part of forming its history. For example, the recent horrific Manchester bombing at the Ariana Grande concert, or the acid attacks taking place in London. This has placed the UK in the centre of the media’s attention. With the increasing...Read More »

The war-torn Afghanistan witnesses its first summer program

“Formerly, if I had heard the term summer program, I couldn’t have made...Read More »

A meaningful trip to Nicaragua

Empathy is arguably the most powerful and unifying principle that humans share. It gives us our humanity. Empathy allows us to perceive an injustice and gives us the ability to help. Empathy transcends religion, race, culture, gender, and class, making it vital to relationships among these categories. Without...Read More »

A ride through the G20 in Hamburg

I am sitting on the little balcony with my grandpa and all we talk about —  all everyone...Read More »