Number one killer in Afghanistan – Poverty!

Afghanistan’s people are generally divided into three groups. The top group, which contains businessmen and high-ranking government officials, most enjoy life. The middle group, which consists of shop-owners or other certain jobs, are struggling through life. The bottom group constantly works and is full of multitaskers. There is no doubt that they are suffering.

Millions in our country are living in poverty. A simple low-worker that carries goods from one market to another earns up to 500 Af in a day, which equals to $7.40. That means per month they will make $222, regardless of how much energy and power they invest. This doesn’t even account for the mental stress and physical effects their job causes, such as carrying heavy items on their back or trolley daily. It’s truly rare for many of these workers to earn 500 Af daily in Afghanistan; Some days, they will make only $2. In addition, 36% of Afghanistan’s population is living below the poverty line. In fact, the number one killer in Afghanistan is not armed conflict, it is poverty. Since we are one of the poorest countries, we have plans to lessen poverty, such as the Ministry of Education. This concentrates on educating both genders in order to improve job quality and facilities. Furthermore, Ali Eftakhari, the spokesman of the Ministry of Jobs and Facilities, says that we have 7 millions job applicants, and from this 7 million we have 2 million jobless. He also urged that we are trying to find jobs for all ages, but are more focused on youth. He added that the program of farmers which accommodates fields and machines to cultivate can really affect the economy.

-by Mustafa K.