Nuclear Security

In Switzerland...


Switzerland possesses four nuclear power plants. The first one, called Beznau 1, started operating in 1969, whereas the last plant built to produce nuclear energy, Leibstadt, was built in 1984. In order to guarantee the safety of the population, the Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (German abbreviation: ENSI) conducts yearly inspections (and revisions) on the...Read More »

Nuclear security in France

With the ever-increasing need in energy, countries must develop their power plants. This enterprise is primordial in order to ensure the country’s energy self-reliance. Each nation possesses its own strategies in terms of energy supplies—in the 1950s, France opted for nuclear power.

Nuclear power plants gradually grew to become...Read More »

Nuclear Security: An American insight...

Human technological developmant has led to inventions that have become so powerful, even their creators cannot control them. Since 1945, when the world saw how annihilating nuclear bombs were, the nuclear fear began. Today, with all the terrorism attacks and wars occuring, nuclear threats have become a paramount...Read More »

Nuclear power in Germany


Nuclear Security has been an issue in Germany for quite a while. Ever since the first nuclear power plant was built in 1961, people have questioned the security of nuclear reactors. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, with the Green Party rising and protests concerning environmental security becoming more...Read More »

Nuclear security: what about Brazil?

Nuclear power accounts for about 3% of the energy matrix of Brazil, being produced by two pressurized water reactors in Nuclear Almirante Álvaro Alberto in Angra dos Reis. The construction of a third reactor began in June 2010, and it is expected to become operational in May...Read More »