Nuclear Security: An American insight…

8ba235_c03d7109ba004b00be0a7a8c64fa6d48Human technological developmant has led to inventions that have become so powerful, even their creators cannot control them. Since 1945, when the world saw how annihilating nuclear bombs were, the nuclear fear began. Today, with all the terrorism attacks and wars occuring, nuclear threats have become a paramount issue in our society.


The two main nuclear threats nowadays are Iran and North Korea. Iran recently tested a ballistic missile that could have delivered a nuclear weapon, and the United Nations called it a violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. While President Obama prefers to wait until imposing sanctions and is willing to continue the negotiations, members of the US Congress argue that negotiations are a waste of lawmakers’ time because they won’t work. This issue is therefore a big dilemma in the US. In North Korea, the situation is a bit different. North Korea has an active nuclear weapon program and tested nuclear explosive devices in 2003, 2006, 2013 and 2016. The nuclear threat remains a big problem that has to be solved.

by Hugo B.


8ba235_c03d7109ba004b00be0a7a8c64fa6d48Here in the United States, nuclear power has grown to make up almost one-fifth of the country’s sources of electricity, up significantly from 1985 when it made up only 12% of sources of electricity. But this rise has been very gradual since 1995, the share of nuclear power having increased slowly from 18% to today’s 20%. This steady reliance on nuclear power has been a product of a lack of issues related to the energy source, the same issues which have plagued the likes of Russia and Japan. Something that has kept this intact has been the government’s lack of ownership and control of nuclear power sources; in fact, the US private sector has the highest participation in the production of nuclear power than that of any other country on the globe.

Unfortunately, the issue of disposal and storage of nuclear waste has gone unresolved, and the farthest that the United States has gotten has been to bury the waste deep in the earth, hoping that a leak will not occur. As a result of these concerns, despite a general positive attitude towards nuclear energy from the public, there has been a slight reduction in the push and building of infrastructure for nuclear power in the search of a more renewable and environmentally friendly energy source. As for war and conflict, the United States is second only to Russia in terms of our nuclear weapon stockpile, coming out to just about 6,970, enough bombs to obliterate the world many times over. With this danger being a constant fear for the global community, nuclear weapons have tended to be nothing but show and a threat for enemies, as a nuclear war is something no country would like to see. In addition, the United States has been a strong proponent of keeping these nuclear weapons out of the wrong hands, such as those of Iran and North Korea.

by Sam P.