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The US and Cuba

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United States and Cuba have been ennemies since the cold war, especially during the Cuban crisis. Today, the situation has changed, as Obama said on December 17th, 2014 : «  Cuba policy changes ».  Cuba and US have agreed to restore diplomatic...Read More »

How far is too far? - Reporting about the German airplane crash

The dreadful news reached us on Thursday morning. A German airplane on the way from Barcelona to Duesseldorf, Germany crashed in the French Alps. All 150 passengers on board died, including a group of 10th grade students from germany. Why the germanwings airplane started a 8 minute...Read More »

Another French update

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In every language, there are words that people use without truly understanding their exact meaning. Oftentimes, “austerity” is one such word. When one asks someone without a degree or background in economics about its meaning, the answer given is often imprecise. In economics, when a government...Read More »

Shootings in the US

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It is too often that the news speaks of “shootings” in the United States: school shootings, mall shootings, movie shootings… Shootings everywhere. Americans are constantly reminded that these “shootings” are a possibility where ever they are; at all times they are vulnerable. It has...Read More »

News from Mexico

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It happened not so long ago. And it came in the moment we least expected.A month ago now, one of the most-famous reporters in Mexico was fired from MVS News,  a show airing on radio and TV. It is one of the largest news...Read More »

The necessity of insistance or the matter of legitimacy in hacking

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On the 10th of April 2015, GCHQ (Government communications Headquarters) spooks were sacked for inappropriately accessing people’s personal information.

On Sky News, Hazel Blears (the spokeswoman for the Intelligence Security Committee) explained that this small number of British spies who have illicitly gathered personal data should...Read More »

News from France


Since the 2014 European elections, every French citizen has been keeping an eye on the electoral scores of the Front National (FN), France’s main far-right party. The FN won the elections with 25% of the votes, becoming France’s leading party. As the number of...Read More »

News from Nepal


A boy named Jeevan B.K. attacked a girl named Sangita Pulami Magar by “acid” when she was waiting for the teacher in tuition class in Basantapur. She was 16 year old S.L.C.( school leaving certificate ), and became badly injured. The victim’s mother was sad for her poor...Read More »

The conversion of foreign currency loans in Hungary

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In the last decade, more than 495 thousand Hungarian citizens raised a mortgage credit of a foreign currency, mostly Swiss franc. The whole amount of the foreign currency loans was 3607 billion Hungarian forint (HUF), ca. $12 billion. The government realized that this was...Read More »

News from Brazil


On March 17th the Brazilian Federal Police launched the “Lava Jato” operation, which dismantled an enormous scheme of money laundering and tax evasion that according to the authorities, moved around about 10 billion reais (approximately 3.24 billion dollars). The investigation resulted in the discovery that one...Read More »