Natural Disasters

Hurricane Harvey and the floods in India have dominated the news in countries across the world. In Texas, the estimated cost of rehabilitation nears $180 billion. In India, questions have been raised as to how frequent flooding will become as global temperatures are on the rise. Nature’s unpredictability and versatility make us all vulnerable to natural disasters. In your country, what are the threats posed by nature? Are they volcanoes? Tropical storms? Earthquakes? How frequent are they? How do the people deal with preparation and remediation? And the government?

The Natural Threats in Japan

Earthquakes are one of the most horrible disaster in the world. Like many other catastrophes, they destroy people’s life. As my homeland, Japan, has been forever threatened by earthquakes, the Japanese Government has taken action to reduce incurred damages. Here are some of them.

In 1995, Japanese governments announced...Read More »

What about Germany?

“Worldwide most expensive natural disaster hit Germany” – this was the heading of a German newspaper article...Read More »

Natural Disasters in the UK

The most intense natural threat in the UK is stereotypical. The rain causes floods which overflow the sewers into the streets, stop children from going to school and generally shut down an area for a few weeks. Someone told me that we had an earthquake in Kent a...Read More »

A Tunisian Insight

Today, there are many natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and floods. Hurricane Harvey in America and floods in India,...Read More »

Nature and its Threats to Poland

If asked the question: what are the threats posed by nature in Poland?, most people wouldn’t come up with a recurrent problem right away. That is because of the country’s relatively safe geological location. When people think about natural disasters, the images that come...Read More »