Mexico accepting the challenge

Mexico_Education_360x240Mexico’s relationship with climate change and stopping it is really close. In fact, Mexico owns an immense flora and fauna, north to south, jungle, forests, mountains and planes. Nevertheless, these haven’t been taken into account as they should have, which has obliged the government to take action on this matter, to a certain extent. For example, in the Yucatan’s peninsula, where it has been possible to unite the governments of Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Campeche, was created an association for the preservation of the mayan jungle and the observatory of the mayan jungle. Indeed, thanks to these two associations, now they receive tools to implement good agricultural and forestal practices, and look up for their good functioning. The big problem to make all of this work properly, is to ensure the good coexistence of climate preservation and sustainable development, another big issue of the country. Indeed, many have criticized the fact that, under the new government with the new president since 2012, climate preservation has not been a must, and that it hasn’t been preserved as it should have, taking into account that even more forests have been cut down, and there have been problems at the ocean level, where oil stations have either malfunctioned or spilled oil in the sea. Mexico was the first country in development to send its compromises to the COP21, and is ready to take the challenge of reducing around 22% its carbon emissions in the atmosphere for 2030, and it will also try to reach the “zero deforestation” by that year too. To achieve this, the roles of conservation and good management of mexican forests and jungles are crucial. It will be then needed a big investment in this, compared to that of energies and transportation, which budgets are higher than that of climate preservation’s one. If the country manages to invest more in preserving the environment, this investment would represent 25% of the potential of reduction of gas emissions as a country. Mexico will be really influenced by the COP21, since this would mean preservation and maintenance of mexican jungles and forests, which are dispapearing year after year.We only have to hope that these measures and the COP21 will really put some pressure on mexican government for this matter.­sustentable/medio­ambiente­y­desarrollo­sustentable­son­los­objetivos­principales­de­green­solutions.html­de­opinion/colaboracion/rane­cortez/nacion/2015/12/8/cop21­gran­oportunidad­para­mexico­y­le­ha­ido­al­medio­ambiente­con­Pena­Nieto/

– by Wendy T.