Media in the US

Drapeau USMedia has always been important in the US. Nevertheless in the last two decades, traditional media, such as newspaper or radio, have been overcome by a new type of innovation: social network.
This change is has come hand in hand with the launch of the world wide web. While most print newspapers and magazines are sometimes very expensive, website and social network are completely free. Moreover, online-news are available at any time, whereas paper versions have to be either shipped or bought in a store, which is obviosly less practical. Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr are easy to use and provide a lot of  information: Fast and Free!

Yet, newspapers provide much more reliable information on current events. Articles in newspaper are written by professional journalists, while posts on social networks are often the opinion of the poster. The accuracy of the informations found on social networks is therefore quite unsure.

– by Hugo B.