Left extremism in Switzerland

swissflagIn the past few years, extreme left-wingers are being held responsible for multiple serious acts of vandalism or riots. It is a growing issue in the country, but at the same time, those riots are becoming more and more unpopular in the country. The public, as well as many politicians, demand tougher penalties and measures against those rioters.

The striking thing about the problem is that left-wing politicians are absolutely against such riots caused by “left extremists”. Those people who are ready to use violence against the police, causing damage and fear to the population, end up helping the right-wing politicians. These parties now have an advantage in public relations, because the public (at least the great majority) is against such clashes. You can also see that the right-wing parties have gained more voters in the past elections. This shift to the right, however, is a reason to remain concerned. A reason for the rise of left extremism is exactly because of this shift; the protesters claim that these parties are suppressing some concerns of the public. It sounds a bit controversial, yet it is the reality, as violent clashes between police and extremists have happened regularly in the past years.

One example of such a clash is the “Tanz Dich Frei”-march in 2013, in the city of Bern. Originally, the event was intended to remain peaceful, with over 10.000 people following an anonymous online invitation to the demonstration. However, a group of violent youths started to damage the surrounding stores, which led the police to engage. The result: over 50 people injured, and a total damage cost of over 2 million Swiss Francs.

The issue has not been properly resolved, as there was another clash between left extremists and the police on a street next to the Reitschule in Bern on May (2016).

– by Mario D.