3rd place: Land des Recht und Freiheit

Land of Law and Freedom  

German mentality is reserved to a degree;

       Still I’m glad it became a part of me.

The Brothers Grimm originate from here;

       Their stories so charming that they endear.

The country overflows in famous literature;

       The great author Cornelia Funke builds on this culture.

Germany is home to many famous composers;

       Their sweet melodies like water running over.

Oh, and the joyful Christmas tradition;

       The Christmas markets beat all competition.

Remembering the sweet aroma of baked goods fills with delight,

       Transforming blanketing darkness into an oasis of light.

Germans are endowed with such determination;

       A trait that propels this storied nation.

The Germans made it through all the hardships of war,

       And now are standing taller and stronger than before.

Germany, oh such an inspiring country;

       From great tradition and turmoil to aspiring unity.

– by Penelope S.