Japan and denuclearization: a short account

Today some countries have atomic bombs. The atomic bombs become deterrence for the states that have the most nuclear weapons. Since Japan is the only country that has suffered from atomic bombs, Japan aims denuclearization. I believe that achieving denuclearization is one of the most important tasks of Japan’s next generation.

To eliminate atomic bombs from our countries, many Japanese groups were established. They are organizing various activities in order to educate on the dangers of nuclear warfare. For instance, one group called National Council of Japan Nuclear-Free Local Authorities published textbooks for middle school students showing the damages an atomic bomb can create. The textbook also includes comments from A-bomb survivors; Nagai, who worked on the rescue of injured people, says that “the atomic bombs not only destroy buildings, but also destroy a person’s heart.”

In my opinion, it is a good opportunity to think about the atomic bombs because in today’s world, war can occur at anytime.

by Yuma O.