International Trade Agreements

Trade Agreements Brazil

Agreements are powerful tools for entering the best international non-Brazilian companies’ markets, via trade and via investments. These were necessary actions for 2015 as Brazilian exports, fell 15.1% in relation to 2014, during the fourth consecutive fall in exports.

Brazil has already started to make agreements with...Read More »

A hot debate over free trade in Germany

 Free trade agreements are treaties of international law that are supposed to guarantee the free trade among the states signing it. The main aim is to abolish customs duties so that the trading is made easier.

Germany already signed many of those...Read More »

US Trade Agreements

 Currently here in the United States, a lot has been put on trade agreements and trade deals that have been made and how the new presidential nominees will deal with them and whether they agree with them or not. Most of these deals have roots...Read More »

Canada and International Trade

“Sharing is caring.” This is what my dad tells me every time I bring home some Chipotle, and what I say when he gets his coffee from Starbucks. In a way, my dad and I are trading partners. I am Canada and he, being a...Read More »