International Sports Events

Euro Cup and more in France

Sport is a part of French culture, it is something truly important for people.

The national sport is soccer,  that many young athlete practice. But there are lots of sports performed in France : rugby, basketball, swimming, athletics… Sport is nowadays a...Read More »

Sports news in the US: between Basketball and Hockey

The two main sports that people are currently following in the US are basketballl (NBA) and hockey (NHL). In NBA, the season is almost over and the finals oppose the Golden States Warriors, almost undefeated this season (73 wins to 9 losses) to their ultimate...Read More »

High Hopes in German Sports

Soccer, soccer and more soccer. Germany is crazy about soccer. These days pubs and parks will be filled with people coming together to watch their team play in the Euro Cup, which is currently being held in France. Since the German Mannschaft won the World Championship in...Read More »

Sports season in Brazil

In addition to next year’s Olympics, the America’s Cup also has a great impact (because they are already happening and Brazil is considered the country of football, the population holds your attention). In 2016, being the host of the Olympics, Brazil has been striving intensively to better serve the athletes...Read More »