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 SportsUS1Although soccer is a popular sport in the United States, it is far from being the most prominent. Baseball, basketball, lacrosse and football are four sports widely played in the US, that are nearly unique to the country. While the lacrosse championships do not get much attention, baseball’s World Series and basketball’s Playoffs attract more of a crowd; still, no sports event seems bigger than football’s Super Bowl. The Super Bowl usually takes place in the early winter, and families sit in front of the TV all day that Sunday, decked out in their favorite team’s colors, not only to watch the game, but also to admire the famous “Super Bowl commercials,” drink cheap beer and consume large amounts of junk food.

Cartoonist(s):Steve Kelley Comic/Cartoon:Steve Kelley’s Editorial Cartoons

Facing the recent FIFA scandals, the United States has felt the need to intervene in the situation since the illicit activity is said to have taken place within the United States’ borders. The US is now seeking to ensure that corruption be eliminated from the FIFA association, and that those involved in the scandal be prosecuted.


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– by Lucy J.