Germany - How migration is polarizing society

Germany is one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world. Around 11 million people who are currently living in Germany were born elsewhere and one in five has a migrant background.

More than two-thirds of Germany’s immigrant population are from another European country. One reason for this...Read More »

A migration story from Afghanistan

If I start with a story, I would say that we were an intimate class at school. Everyone loved each other. In my senior class, lots of my classmates made up their mind to leave home for Europe. It was almost hard to find someone who was not thinking of...Read More »

Immigration in Canada

Immigration has increasingly become a sensitive topic, as more and more people seek to leave their home countries. Regardless of their reasons for leaving, hosting countries are becoming more divided on this issue.

Canada’s entire history is bound to its ceaseless immigration. Apart from the First Nation and Aboriginal peoples of...Read More »

A Brazilian Perspective

The immigration process in Brazil intensified from 1808, when an expressive number of European immigrants arrived in the country.

The brand of immigration in Brazil can be perceived especially in the culture and economy of the two richest Brazilian regions: Southeast and South. Colonization was the initial...Read More »