Illegal flows in the US

8ba235_c03d7109ba004b00be0a7a8c64fa6d48Because of the mass shootings that have occurred in the US in the past few years, more than 20 states have passed new laws regarding gun proliferation, but the problem was that these laws were not preventing gun traffickers from obtaining guns. To get around state gun laws, traffickers drive to states with fewer gun restrictions, buy guns, then drive back to their original state. This is how more than 6,000 guns that were bought in mostly Arizona and Nevada were brought into California by criminals. To fight gun trafficking, President Obama’s administration adopted a rule that requires gun sellers to report their sales if the same person buys two semiautomatic guns in the same five days, so that the police may localize gun traffickers more easily. Also expanding the background check system is a solution to make sure that, when bought, guns don’t fall into the wrong hands.


white: lenient, green: strict

– by Hugo B.

8ba235_c03d7109ba004b00be0a7a8c64fa6d48The illegal trafficking of both humans and drugs in the United States has become a more complicated and widespread issue than ever before. Just recently in my high school we had a speaker come in to talk with us about the terrifying reality that many people, more than you’d think, are living as part of the human trafficking system. There are many different types of human trafficking, and they aren’t all based on sexual exploitation. In many cases, undocumented workers in hotels, restaurants, and other businesses are exploited in the human trafficking system because they have nowhere else to go. A landlord will make immigrants big promises and then take away their papers, thereby forcing them to work for whatever they can at that landlord’s establishment. It sounds scary right? Unfortunately situations such as these are much more common than the general public is aware of and for those people that are trapped in this horror, it becomes very hard to escape without risking detainment from the government. In the United States, attempts have been made to raise awareness of human trafficking, but the drug trade has remained the greater of the two in terms of awareness and of prevention efforts on the part of the government and authorities. Crack epidemics in places like Washington D.C. in the 1980s and 90s are much less of a threat now than they were back then, but heroin smuggling in cities like Baltimore and similar places around the country still catches the eyes of authorities, and yet they still do not put much effort into punishing or preventing these crimes. There are people like the speaker we had at my school that are trying to raise public awareness of human trafficking, but the cries for help are still not loud enough for legislators to hear.

– by Sam P.