Hungary on the Ukrainian Crisis

drapeau hongrie

We should approach this question from different point of views because Hungary has a lot of important relations to Ukraine. First of all, we have look at the political contacts between the two countries. Porosenko, Ukrainian president said that Ukraine had to be thankful to Hungary because of a lot of things. First of all, the two countries have accepted a new gas transport agreement since the beginning of the East Ukrainian crisis and Hungary supports its neighbour also in other ways.

We can choose another aspect. More than 150 000 Hungarians live in Ukraine and we mustn’t forget them. Unfortunately, the situation of these people is not so good these days. Most of the adult men have already got the call-up papers so there is almost nobody in the region who could work. The inflation is horrible; the worth of payments and pensions is decreasing radically (learn more at ). As a result, most Hungarian churches and civil organizations collected money for them and according to the news the circumstances are getting better nowadays. Orbán Viktor Hungarian PM said: The Hungarians are in safety both in Hungary and in Transcarpatia (this is the West Ukrainian region where the Hungarian minority lives)

What should we do now? Most European citizens agree that the EU has to fight against Russia to stop them in helping the East Ukrainian rebels. Also Hungary supports these actions but mentioned that these sanctions aren’t good for its economy.

In conclusion, we have to fight for peace in Ukraine and help people who are in bad situation. 

-by Lorinc F.