Human Trafficking in Germany

gerflagA lot is hidden behind Germany’s seemingly clean, white curtains. In an economically prospering nation, criminal activity should be extremely low. And it mostly is. In fact, Germany is under the top 20 of most peaceful nations in the world. Nevertheless, a lot of illegal activity is going on behind the curtains. Quite literally. One of the most prominent forms of illegal trafficking in Germany is Prostitution. And that might have something to do with the fact that prostitution is actually legal. In 2002, Prostitution laws were loosened, in order to decriminalize the sector and take sex out of the criminal category. The law backfired.

Today Germany is often called the brothel of Europe, with one of the highest number of red light milieus.

Well, if it is legal then it isn’t so bad is it?

The problem is that legal work is not always equal to voluntary work. Many women especially from poor eastern european countries are promised a well paid job and follow middle men into Germany. There they are often forced into prostitution and stripped of their legal papers. Procurers often force them to work inhumane hours and are exposed to violence and rape.

Human Rights Activists also see the Refugee Crisis, which is effecting Germany big time,  as an extremely tricky situation for illegal trafficking. Refugees are one of the most vulnerable people for human trafficking. They are desperate and have no legal status protecting them. Many women are therefore sold into prostitution, marriages or even used for organ transplants.

Drug consumption has very much increased in recent years. Although the laws on alcohol and nicotine are relatively loose, consumption and trafficking of illegal drugs such as cocaine is becoming a more and more pressing problem. The drugs usually make their way from Morocco, through the street of Gibraltar to Portugal and in big trucks, (sometimes inside small dog puppies!!) into Germany. With the Schengen Abkommen and the lack of border control, illegal drug trafficking was very easy, though as European countries are closing their borders, maybe they are also closing their borders to illegal transport. Just in case, the german junkies are prepared. Many inland Marijuana-Farms have been detected by the police,who suspects there are many more to come. The Green Party in Germany is meanwhile working to legalize Cannabis, just like in many US-States.

– by Pauline F.