How to dress in Germany

gerflagThe question whether muslim women allowed to wear burkinis in public, is not only discussed in France, it is also a very big topic in Germany. Some politicians represent the opinion that women cannot be integrated very well when they wear burkas or anything of the liking. Others are against a complete ban and say that it would infringe our constitutional rights. Gernerally many people share the opinion, that in some cases, for example at the airport, it is important to show who you are.

Religious dresscodes are also disputed at school. Wearing headscarfes is permitted and usually there are not any restrictions (only in special cases the school can intervene), but according to a representative study every second German would prefer to headscarf in public schools In media this was discussed a lot. The debate in Germany is focused on Islam.

To cover parts of the body is one „problem“ but another promintent one is when students dress “ inappropriately” (very short Hot Pants or crop tops). This is also a conflict regarding dress codes and personal freedom. Some teachers do not accept it when students wear sweat pants or tank tops. Others feel that especially young people want to express their individuality. This discussion was released as one school introduced the rule that students would  have to wear a XXL-T-Shirt to cover bear skin.

Discussions exist, but the laws and restricitions are not in place. At least not yet.

– by Marie L.