How I mine bitcoins

Mining a cryptocurrency is the act of validating a transaction, by finding a hash less than a certain value (the hash has therefore to start with many zeros). There are multiple ways to mine different coins, but I chose to mine Bitcoin Cash with asic usb miners. Here is how I did it:

I used a raspberry pi 3, two asic usb blocks, and a fan to cool down the asics. The first thing I did was set up raspbian, which is a form of linux on the raspberry pi. Then, I installed bfgminer, a software that makes it easy to mine on the raspberry pi using the terminal. Finally, I created a BCC wallet and set up a mining pool, then I was ready to go.

With two asics, I mined at about 1.7 Gh/s, wich gives me an average of 0.000003 per day – that is equivalent to one tenth of a cent per day. I also wanted to know if it was profitable, so I looked at how much money I used in electricity per day, which was about 20 cents. So you may have realized that this type of mining will not be profitable unless you have a lot of hashing power. However, keep in mind that the results may have been different if I mined with different coins. Even though it is not always profitable, I would still recommend trying this out for people who want to get into mining coins.

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by Charles