Traditions in Ivory Coast

The month of December is particularly festive in Ivory Coast. Indeed, every year since 2011 the capital city of Abidjan has been transformed into a city of light. Everywhere in the city, and especially in its business district, one can marvel at sculptures made of lights. Their...Read More »

Germany's economy

Germany has long been known for its strong economy. During the horrific EU economic crisis in 2011, it stayed strong and supported fellow countries such as Greece. In fact, Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world, following the US, China and Japan. Not bad...Read More »

Holidays in France

The Christmas holidays are very popular in France, as there are numerous public holiday days in December during which the French are in holiday but still get paid by their employers as if it were a regular working day (25th of December, 26th...Read More »

American holidays

In the United States, although most Americans celebrate Christmas, the way to celebrate the winter holidays depends on the culture and religion. Instead of wishing, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” everyone says, “Happy Holidays,” so as not to offend religions or be incorrect about what some...Read More »

Holidays: In Ethiopia...

The way to celebrate the  holidays in our country is by providing happiness for all family members and friends. We eat meat, bread, and Ethiopian tela.

by Kumlegn A.

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Brazilian festivities

Here’s a list of the most important holidays celebrated in Brazil.

New Years Eve – The 31st of December to the 1st of January – On NYE Brazilians party a lot, drink Champagne, watch the fireworks and wear only white clothes to attract good energy.

Carnival – In February – In Carnival, Brazil...Read More »

Holidays in England

Did you know that England has the fewest public holidays in Europe?  It seems pretty tough to think there are only 8 days per year when banks, offices and factories are closed and the workers are entitled to a day’s rest, especially when compared to other European states....Read More »

Afghanese holidays

We have two special holiday in our country, Hid Adha and Hid Fetr. We also celebrate the first day of the year, lot of women and men come together. Women cook traditional food, Somanak, and men play different games like Bozkashi.

by Ajmal

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Winter celebrations in Mexico

mexico flag

The end of the year is a special time for holidays around the world, the most commonly celebrated one being Christmas which, in most countries, is celebrated in the same way. In Mexico, many other festivities are also commemorated, among which only a few are listed...Read More »

Holidays: what about Switzerland?


August 1st marks the celebration of Swiss National Day. The date is not random; the Federal Charter of 1291, one of the country’s most valuable founding documents, was dated around then. Legend says that in 1291, the first three cantons (Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden) took the Rütlischwur, an...Read More »

Holidays in Germany

Bratwurst, Gluehwein, Lebkuchen. If you live in the Western world, you have most likely heard these names before. Don’t remember where? Let me help you out. They refer to all the goodies you will find on a German Christmas Market. Think, cold December NIghts right before Christmas....Read More »