An ancient tradition in the UK

Halloween in the UK can be traced back to the Celtic traditions and festival called Samhain. This traditional festival has been replicated to the modern day Halloween which is celebrated around the world.

Halloween is now the only socially acceptable time for young children to accept sweets from strangers, whilst...Read More »

Halloween in Tunisia...

The celebration of Halloween is a celebration in which ancient and present times...Read More »

A Polish Insight

In Poland, Halloween has only recently been started to be celebrated. My friends from North America have always told me about the many events happening on the 31st of October in their countries. Since they were little kids, they dressed up, carved pumpkins, and went trick-or-treating. I did...Read More »

Halloween, a very popular festival in the US

Halloween in the United States is a major part of the culture. Around mid-September, the first products make their appearance in stores: you can find costumes of all sorts, tons of candy, and pumpkin everywhere. And I really mean everywhere: on every doorstep, in stores, in the...Read More »